Natanya, Israel

Hey Olivia and Eva!

Do you remember stories in the Bible about the fishermen on the Mediterranean Sea? It’s outside mine and Teddie’s window tonight! We flew into Tel Aviv and then got on a bus to come to Natanya. We got here kind of late so we haven’t spent any time there but we hope Papa will wake us up early in the morning so we can take a walk before we leave this area.

It’s been a really long day! Teddie and I slept a lot in the overhead bins while the big plane flew over the ocean. It took all night to get here but when Mema opened the shade on the airplane windows it was light. It was like we were chasing the sun! But it’s gone to bed now, and I am so tired I think I better go to bed too. Just wanted to say we love you and miss you both! Tell everyone hi for us!

Papa’s feeling very good ~ Pray he quits coughing though. It’s really hard to sleep with himhacking.

Oh yeah, we’re meeting lots of new friends. Some of them talk kind of funny.

Blackie & Teddie

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